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My Perspective

My Perspective

November 16, 2013

Posted on November 16, 2013 at 6:10 PM

Dear Jesus:

Happy Birthday this is your day. The day of the most miraculous birth that will ever happen on Earth - YOURS. I would like to say I'm kneeling in reverance at your manager but I have to finish my shopping, baking, wrapping, and then there is all the decorating so I can host a fantastic Christmas party.

I'm fairly sure I will make it to service on Christmas Eve to celebrate your arrival. Well, that is if I'm on time getting my preparations done for Christmas Day. And, just to let you know I will be a little late because I want to watch Santa fly through the sky with my family.

I have a great advent book. It has activities or readings for the whole family everyday up until your birthday. Last year it made it to the coffee table. Maybe this year I will actually open it and share the miracle of your birth with my family. But, if not don't worry we will definitely watch "Charlie Brown's Christmas" and Linus gives a great condensed time saving version of what Christmas is all about.

I plan to give to those in need this year. I'm just waiting to see how much I spend on my family first. Ipads, xbox, and sound systems are a lot of money, and my kids just have to have them. Groceries for Christmas time are very expensive, all the: fancy cheeses, crackers, wines, turkey, finger foods, and specialty treats. That will factor in how much I give to the food bank too.

I'm going to probably have to get a new outfit for the parties I am attending. Something festive and bright. No swaddling clothes for this Christmas Momma.

I must go. I have so many preparations to finish before the big day. I hope you have a great birthday Jesus.

Love - Anita

What would your Christmas birthday letter to Jesus look like? Sadly, if I don't stop myself this is very much how Christmas will be. Will I show reverance to our Saviour or will I get caught up in the whirlwind that we call the "Holiday Season"?

The answer to this question is YES I am going to make a conscious effort to celebrate the true roots of Christmas - CHRIST! And, as far as getting caught up in the "Holiday Season" the answer is NO.

I most definitely will get caught up and go over board at some points throughout the "Christmas Season". I know I will have to reign myself in occasionally. But, I will not be celebrating a "Happy Holiday". I will be celebrating a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

This Christmas I want to celebrate the birth of the greatest man to walk this Earth - Jesus. I want to share the good news of His birth. I want to follow in God's call to help others around me and to be an instrument for Him.

Time is of the essence in all of our lives. There is never enough time to do all that we set out to accomplish. This year I am going to prioritize what is important. Creating the perfect Norman Rockwell Christmas is not the priority - rejoicing in the truths of Christmas is.

It really is a nobrainer that this is what I should be doing but sadly I fall into the picture perfect Christmas category and forget sometimes it is not about the materialistic but the miraculistic(yep my own special word). Don't get me wrong I am not totally commercialized without heart. That is not me at all. I BELIEVE and celebrate the hope and love of our Saviour. I just need to be diligent that I don't get too overboard on the physical parts of Christmas.

And, rest assured I am not saying that we can't enjoy all the festivities that go with Christmas. I love the baking, shopping, wrapping, decorating, and visiting that comes with the season. It is a celebration and we should celebrate! We just need to stay centrally focussed on why we are celebrating.


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