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My Perspective

My Perspective

May 3, 2020 COVID-19 Part 2

Posted on May 3, 2020 at 7:15 PM






#coronaapocalypse #nottodaycorrona #socialisolation

We are well into our season of COVID-19 the new world apocalypse and I must say it has come with some valuable lessons. I have learnt that no matter how many degrees behind your name you have in medicine and infectious disease there is some redneck lay person that is much more knowledgeable with their conspiracy theory. Never mind the fact that world renowned doctors that have literally trained for decades are all working on prevention, treatment, and vaccines for the newest strain of death, COVID-19, there are lay persons around the world in communities and government that know best.

I mean really does it not sound reasonable that the whole world has literally shut down and we have lost almost entire generations in some countries, states, or municipalities to the virus but the self-professed have claimed that COVID-19 is everything from a government control mechanism to not being as serious as the yearly flu to Bill Gates trying to take over the world? Let’s take a look at these ideas. You decide if they have any validity.

First, there are the conspiracy theorists that have deemed this a way for the world governments to take back control and reset the world. I am quite sure that at no time could we ever get the government leaders of every nation to actually agree to do the same thing at the same time the same way. That would be the first dead giveaway this ridiculous. Secondly, it is not even plausible to suggest that governments of the democratic first world nations would even entertain this thought as it goes against everything democracy and freedom stand for. New age democratic nations allow babies to determine their gender, support all races to embrace their ancestry, recognize non binary gender, the Canadian anthem was changed to be more inclusive, encourage entrepreneurship, and speak up against nations that infringe on others’ basic human rights. Do you think for one minute these countries would support the idea of literally isolating the people of their nation from one another, stopping the economy, taking away the rights and privileges of education, shopping, dining, and social interaction? NO – this goes against everything they stand for. What do the governments of the world have to gain by halting the activities of the nations? It is costing the world billions of dollars, there has been an enormous strain on the world’s medical system, and the world has lost great minds, actors, musicians, doctors, philanthropists, engineers and many more brilliant people. This is possibly one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard.

Let’s talk about COVID-19 not being as serious as the yearly flu. I am not going to argue that that flu kills many throughout the world. BUT, the flu has a vaccine that people can choose to protect themselves with. It also is not cross species and it does not discriminate as much as COVID-19. COVID -19 was borne from a cross species interaction which means that the human body is not made to fight it. Flus are specific to humans and our bodies have systems in place that take over to combat the effects of the flu. When you are dealing with new infectious agents that has jumped from non-human animals to humans there is generally no known cure or vaccine because it has never been seen before. It makes sense that it is harder to protect against the unknown than the common. Not to mention the fact that COVID-19 is rapidly spread and so far has killed approximately 4.7% of patients as opposed to 0.1% that the flu has killed. So NO – we cannot treat CoViD-19 like the flu we have to be aggressive in combating the spread and infection of this new and terrifying disease.

Now let’s address possibly the most ridiculous thing I have heard so far. Bill Gates is trying to take over the world through the spreading of COVID-19. Why would a worldwide philanthropist design to take over the world? It sounds like a story line from Phineas and Ferb. Bill Gates makes money from people – why would he cut the hand that feeds him? Not only all these obvious reasons if this was really true I am sure the world leaders would take him out. They would have him assassinated. There are too many power hungry leaders that would not be willing to give up their piece of territory for Gates to take over the world.

I certainly feel more secure listening to Dr .Hinshaw, Dr. Tam, and world infectious control doctors than some uninformed bigoted person in the grocery line that is complaining to some poor essential worker that they can only buy one package of toilet paper and there wasn’t enough of their favorite potato chips in stock. The world has not come to stop on a whim. It has slowed down to a crawl to prevent infecting the mass population of the world’s nation. As world citizens we do not want to see the re-creation of the devastation in Wuhan or Italy. The USA has not paid attention to the recommendations from the health world and they are now exceeding the highest death tolls in the world. If you are asked to stay 2 metres from the general public than do it, if you are asked about your medical history before entering a public building than provide it, if you are asked to don a mask put it on and if you are asked to share the grocery supply than do it with a glad heart. We are all part of the international community and we need to be responsible for the health and welfare of all. We need to protect our vulnerable, our essential service workers, our families and ourselves. We need to come out the other side of this travesty smarter, healthier and prepared to fight against another wave of the disease. COVID-19 could quite possibly be around for our lifetime let’s be prepared for it!


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