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Voice of Reason

Eric is my reason and I am using my voice to stop the violence!

My Perspective

My Perspective


Posted on September 12, 2020 at 11:15 PM






#coronaapocalypse #nottodaycorrrrona #socialisolation


Humanity is spinning out of control. The controversies that we are perpetrating amongst ourselves is so ridiculous. People are arguing amongst themselves over so many irrelevant topics. My mom use to tell me, “Pick your battles!” Not everything needs to be a battle. Common sense should prevail as well as respect for individual preferences.

The fight over wearing a mask is a prime example. If a store insists on customers wearing a mask then put the darn thing on. It is not your right to say no (unless you have a true underlying reason such as asthma). It is the store’s right to create the policies the make them feel safe and keep a healthy work place. It is not your right to argue with them. You do not have to shop there so respect their policies. It is a privilege to shop not a need or right. On the flip side policy makers need to be making decisions based on science not fear. The most recent example of this is the education system. We need to keep our staff and students safe while not creating an atmosphere of anxiety. Administration needs to listen to the needs of their staff and not make policies that are based on fear and excessive dictatorship. Masks are not needed in a high school classroom for the teacher if they are at the front of the class completely social distanced from their students. I can’t imagine trying to have an interactive lesson on “Othello” with students while wearing a mask the whole period. I can however appreciate the need for a kindergarten teacher to wear a mask while helping their students put on their coats and outside shoes before recess. A one size fits all policy is not suitable for the wellbeing of our students and staff. Administrators need to base policy on needs not on fear or their own personal vendettas.

I know that there has always been conspiracy theorists. COVID-19 has created a new following and it is amazing to me how many “normal” people buy into it. This is an ever increasing battle being played out among friends, social media and the news. The idea that the world leaders are trying to reset the world is beyond insane. Our governments are not trying to make us complacent. They are trying to keep us alive. The sad truth is that our governments are people too and they have made mistakes throughout this pandemic but I truly believe they are doing what they believe is right.(short of the USA, that is a whole different crazy) And, every nation may not have the same idea on how to do this. Back to the mask idea. Some local governments are making it mandatory to wear a mask in public. They have contingencies for those that cannot wear a mask due to medical or emotional reasons. This is not the government dreaming up a way to make us more compliant. Think about it, every day we follow the rules of the road, the laws of justice, social norms and behaviours. We don’t run red lights, we don’t walk down the street naked and we don’t murder our neighbour for making too much noise. These are all society/government rules. We are compliant on worthwhile lifesaving and morale issues. Masks are no different. You may not agree with it but it is your responsibility to comply to keep others safe. Just like I don’t agree we should only have to drive 110 km down our Queen Elizabeth Highway. I think we could go at least 130 km but I comply to keep everyone safe. If we were all driving different speeds it would create chaos.

Why are we battling with doctors that have experience, expertise and knowledge? People are arguing with professionals over a multitude of issues dealing with COVID-19. Do you not think that the professionals that have dedicated their lives to the learning of health, medical protocol, pandemic response, vaccination development, asepsis, pharmaceuticals and an array of specialties are not the best people to be directing us on our response to COVID-19? These professional provide the best knowledge and response. They have dedicated their lives to providing support in these situations. But, one quack self-proclaimed “expert” on Facebook can gain thousands of followers. Wow way to pick the wrong side to go into battle with. Don’t get me wrong we don’t want to become sheep. We can question but when the facts are scientifically explained or proven than maybe we need to listen instead of picking the side with the loudest voice or most fanfare. Go to battle with the right armour or information.

COVID-19 has created an atmosphere of anxiety among all of us. This desperation is felt all the way from an individual standpoint to an international level. Society has become desperate. We are desperate to get out of isolation, to work, to return to school, to enjoy our leisure time as we had before and to travel. We have too much time on our hands to think about the negatives. People are not picking their battles wisely they are just battling over everything. How about instead of taking time dreaming up conspiracy theories we reach out on different platforms to make our seniors feel less isolated? Instead of getting twisted up over having to wear a mask draw a funny face on it and make a child laugh in the grocery store. If you are in a position of power take time to evaluate why you are making the decisions that you are. Is it for personal gain or for the collective welfare of all? Listen to your healthcare professionals they have spent many years of their life and ridiculous amounts of money to be educated. They wouldn’t go through all that if they weren’t concerned about society collectively. Let’s choose our battles wisely folks. Life is so much easier when we meet on positive or neutral ground rather than a battlefield.




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