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Voice of Reason

Eric is my reason and I am using my voice to stop the violence!

My Perspective

My Perspective


Posted on May 31, 2021 at 3:20 PM


We are so broken. Everywhere a person looks there is a broken system, a broken promise, a broken family. We need to build up ourselves, our community, and our world piece by piece. We have not learned from the past, we have not learned from experience, we have not learned to be better. It is time to be better. It is time to be stronger. It is time to rise up with integrity and thoughtfulness.

Our families are broken. So many children being raised with one parent in the home, children juggling between 2 homes, parents not raising children with manners and integrity, children are becoming accustom to dysfunction. We need to do better by our children. It takes a village to raise a child. Sadly, our villagers are lacking. They are lacking in funds, lacking in knowledge, lacking in empathy, or lacking in commitment.

Our educational system is broken. It is not the welfare of children that matters. It is the dollars and cents that matter. It is not what’s best for our citizens in education it is what’s best for the ledger. Small mindedness created from those in charge of our education system is systematically destroying our ability to move forward into the future with the best possible people at the helm.

Our government is broken. It does not matter if it is in our towns and cities, our provinces, our countries, or our world. Our system of governing is inept. There is no morality. Leaders that have blatantly broken the law are allowed to hold their positions, self-proclaimed leaders are striking fear in their citizens, others are stealing from their own people, and the list goes on. Some are so enthralled with these people that they would continue to vote them into power if given the choice.

Our healthcare is broken. It was broken well before COVID-19. COVID-19 has just brought out more of the cracks that were already forming in the system. Wait times, lack of beds, funding gaps, pharmaceutical disadvantages, and so much more are plaguing the system. We need less in administration and more boots on the ground actually caring for patients. We need salary prioritizing. Cull the administrative over employment and put money towards the first responders.

Our communities are broken. We have meth houses next to elementary schools, chop shops next to playgrounds, old people being the victims of fraud, and people scooping out neighbourhoods to steal from. We need the authorities to step in and take back our communities. But first, we need the police to be respected. This is something that is plaguing North America right now. We have a minority of officers that have made the news for their abhorrent behaviour and unfortunately the media has painted all authority with the same brush. The police need to be accountable and respectable to the communities they serve. They hold such a powerful position and they need to treat it with the honor it deserves. The citizens in these communities also need to show the respect these women and men deserve. On a daily basis there are officers putting their health and welfare on the line for those they serve. It is not just their physical lives they are putting on the line but their mental health, their relationships, their emotional lives, and also their families are expected to do the same. Every time their loved one leaves to take a shift policing, their families have the knowledge that if something goes sideways they may not make it home or may not make it home whole.

We need to acknowledge that our communities are suffering under immense pressure. Suffering from the pressure of the “me” mentality, the pressure of injustice, the pressure of racism, sexism, ageism, and any other “ism” that you can think of. Every person on this Earth whether they are white, black, gay, straight, Hindu, Muslim, rich, poor, old, young, female, male, smart or challenged deserves to be treated with respect. When it comes down to what should define how someone is treated it is should be based on good or bad. If you a good person you deserve the same treatment as everyone else. None of the characteristics above are relevant! If you are a bad person judgement should surely be laid down upon you.

What is it going to take to turn this world around? A revolution? What are we fighting for? Or should the answer be in a revival? We need a revival of spirit, of integrity, of action, of honesty, and of love. It is time to fix our broken world.

It is all so alarming, so frustrating, and so incredibly large that it feels hopeless for one person to make a change. That’s thing though, if every person put one piece of the broken world back together imagine how many pieces would be fixed. We are a world of carpenters. We need to use our skills and construct change.













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